Can I Get Shingles From Chicken Pox

 ... right dormant varicella zoster virus chickenpox can cause shingles

How To Get Rid Of Shingles Right Now

In case you're presently being affected by Shingles, then I'm positive you'd like to learn how to get rid of Shingles immediately.

Shingles is actually the Chicken Pox virus becoming re-activated again at a later stage of life, and as you almost certainly know, can be very distressing and also not comfortable. It starts out with an infection with the nerve and a rash breaks out in a selected region of the body. This kind of rash includes pus-filled blisters that seem like a continual stabbing sensation.

If you'd like to understand how to get rid of Shingles, I've outlined several easy steps you are able to take here that might help.

First, the main reason why somebody will get Shingles is generally because of weakened or even compromised immune system.

Have you recently been dealing with a lots of stress or even trauma in your life?

Are you experiencing any other problems, for example HIV or lupus, that might be weakening your immune system?

The initial place you want to start to get rid of Shingles is by making your immune system and the entire body as strong as you possibly can.

In the event that you're dealing with stress or trauma, then it's crucial that you spend some time to relax and ensure you're happy and feeling good. Don't do any physical exercise, instead make sure you're acquiring lots of rest. Perhaps try meditation or doing things that you like.

You will need to be sure you possess a great Shingles diet that will assist boost your immune system. The answer to this is consuming the right foods, mainly fruits and vegetables. Raw, organic foods possess live nutrients in them that the body can use. Whilst food items that are cooked will be more difficult for your body to digest and most of the nutrients happen to be destroyed within the heating process. Therefore ensure you're eating a diet mainly of vegetables and fruit.

You can use health supplements to get rid of Shingles quickly too, as an example Vitamin C. You can't take enough Vitamin C. This will certainly drastically help you get rid of Shingles considerably faster than you would ever guess. Make certain you're taking high dosages of Vitamin C.

To add to supplements, you need to be also having a great multi-vitamin and minerals supplement. I propose purchasing a good brand, because so many in the shops tend to be low quality and your entire body won't digest and assimilate the vitamins and minerals from them adequately. You also want to make certain you're keeping hydrated and also drinking water during the day.

For the rash of blisters, I propose having an ice pack or even wet cloth in order to numb the infected area. This may help deal with the pain.

There are various bathing procedures you may use, for example Aveeno Oatmeal that you could add to the bath tub as well as soak the actual infected region with. This helps dry out the blisters and they will crust as well as scab over more quickly. You also can apply oils, such as Vitamin E Oil or even Aloe Vera Gel to help soon after.

There are numerous methods, as you have seen, regarding how to get rid of Shingles that are natural and safe. My advice should be to experiment with various treatments, particularly natural ones, as they are less dangerous for you compared to medicines are and may make a large difference in your health.

About the author: Bob Carlton is a nutritionist, medical researcher and expert on Shingles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you get shingles from exposure to chicken pox?
    I know shingles happens later in life to people who have already had chicken pox, but what causes it to re-activate? It is possible for a person who has already had chicken pox to get shingles from being around a child who has chicken pox? My nephew was recovering from chicken pox (we were told he was no longer contagious) and my daughter had a friend over, now the friend has shingles, and I'm afraid it's our fault.

    • ANSWER:
      My father-in-law is actually just recovering from shingles. Apparently, chickenpox come from a type of herpes virus. This stays in your system until later in life, when it randomly flares up again.

      Supposedly, once the virus is in your system, you can't be re-infected. If you were told he wasn't contagious anymore, it may have just been a coincidence. Either way, you can't have known that she was going to get sick.

      If it were common, parents would be sick far more often from their children getting chickenpox.

    can an infant (10 mo.) catch the virus that causes shingles/chicken pox from someone who was just vaccinated?
    My 10 month old son was being babysat for by his great grandmother, who had her shingles vaccine at lunchtime. She was told it would be fine as long as she wore a mask since he won't get the chicken pox vaccine until he turns 1. I am just wondering if anyone knows the likelihood of him catching anything serious- mask or not- from this? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Virus shedding after a vaccination is a very serious issue.
      The virus can be present in her saliva, tears, mucus, sweat and feces for up to 15 days. The safest thing would be to avoid anymore contact with her for 2 weeks.

      Please don't get the chicken pox vaccine for him. Not only is it not very effective, but because of it, the medical community is starting to see a very high increase of shingles in older teens and young adults.

    Can I catch the chicken pox from some one with shingles.?
    I am not immune to chicken pox, I was tested when I was pregnant and told I am not immune. My mom says I did have the chicken pox when I was little though. I am over 20 and know it can be quite bad to get. My question is, I was exposed to someone with shingles, can I catch chicken pox from them, or would I catch shingles? Also how long after exposer should signs show up if I have caught the chicken pox or shingles?

    • ANSWER:
      Some people who have varicella (chicken pox) as children don't have enough antibodies to be immune as adults. You may be one of those.

      You cannot catch shingles (herpes zoster). You can, however, catch chickenpox from someone with shingles if you aren't immune to chickenpox. There is a vaccination for shingles, but it is recommended only for adults 60 and over. Shingles happens when the varicella virus moves into the nervous system (spine) and become reactivated years later.

      A person with varicella is contagious 1-2 days BEFORE the rash begins and then until all blisters have scabbed over. A person with shingles is contagious (ONLY to people who are not immune to varicella) as long as there are new blisters forming and old blisters healing. If you are exposed, it should take 10-21 days for your symptoms to appear.

      The following are good sources:

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