Can You Get Shingles From Chicken Pox

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Fruit basket gifts of oranges to those who suffer with shingles can reduce the impact of blister and scars over your body. Shingles, a virus, also called the Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV), causes chicken pox. This virus can lie dormant in your system for years without causing any problems. But, in situations when you are heavily stressed and exhausted it may attack your system cells. When you are under attack you will feel pain on your body and that can last for the day before blister start to appear. However, after the blisters have gone the pain can still persist. The chicken pox virus causes an itchy red rash starting over the face and torso and can spread to other parts of your body.

When I was a child, the rest of my family had chicken pox. I was spared because I was away from home the vast majority of time attending school. I only came home to sleep at nights and my room was away from the others and I had little contact with my siblings.

Years later, after I was married, my son had an attack of the chicken pox when he was 5 years old. I eventually had an attack of chicken pox also as I was home with him performing fatherly duties. I developed burning itching pains throughout my body with a strong fever that had me bed ridden for a few days. Within about a it had been over but my body started to experience strange tingling sensations in localized areas on my body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you get shingles from exposure to chicken pox?
    I know shingles happens later in life to people who have already had chicken pox, but what causes it to re-activate? It is possible for a person who has already had chicken pox to get shingles from being around a child who has chicken pox? My nephew was recovering from chicken pox (we were told he was no longer contagious) and my daughter had a friend over, now the friend has shingles, and I'm afraid it's our fault.

    • ANSWER:
      My father-in-law is actually just recovering from shingles. Apparently, chickenpox come from a type of herpes virus. This stays in your system until later in life, when it randomly flares up again.

      Supposedly, once the virus is in your system, you can't be re-infected. If you were told he wasn't contagious anymore, it may have just been a coincidence. Either way, you can't have known that she was going to get sick.

      If it were common, parents would be sick far more often from their children getting chickenpox.

    Can you get Chicken Pox from Shingles?
    My elderly mother may be having shingles, we're not quite sure. My daughter is 9 months old. Should I be worried about her catching chicken pox?
    Uhm... at 9 months old, chicken pox could be deadly to my daughter. When my niece got them at 2 she had to be hospitalized because of the fever.

    • ANSWER:
      The answer to your question is yes, but it isn't easy. Chicken pox and Shingles are both caused by the same virus, Herpes Simplex. After you have Chicken Pox the virus lays dormant in your system and later in life it can reactivate in the form of Shingles. The blisters you have with Shingles contain a fluid with the virus in them. If a person who has never had Chicken Pox or the vaccine for Chicken Pox, comes in direct contact with the fluid in the blisters they will get Chicken Pox.

    Can I get shingles from my boyfriend? I have had chicken pox but a very light case...?
    I understand you can get chicken pox from someone who has shingles, but I had onlky a very mild case of chicken pox.

    Can I catch either from him? Also, how long does shingles last?

    • ANSWER:
      Sure! But shingles usually happens because your immune system is worn down or stressed. It happens because the virus that caused the chicken pox in the first place is lurking about in your spinal fluid. It only "bursts forth" to re-infect you with shingles if your immune system is compromised or under stress already from another infection. If you are well, you will probably stay well. Best wishes to your boyfriend....I hope he is taking anti-viral medication. It can really shorten the duration of the infection!

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