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Causes Of Shingles In Young People

Elderly people with shingles infections

Fascinating News About Shingles - Is Shingles Contagious?

Firstly, what is shingles? It is typically called Herpes Zoster, a viral infection that develops in folk who have had chickenpox in the past. It can come about when you have been the subject of prolonged emotional distress, an immune reaction disorder like HIV / aids, or taking chemical treatment treatments. Anti-rejection drugs may also cause a shingles outbreak, because these medications must suppress the immune system to avoid rejecting a transplanted organ. Singles may start out as a low grade fever or flu-like symptoms. The fever can then be followed by pain or itchy areas on the skin, then a red rash appears within five days. The rash turns into distressing blisters that begin to leak clear fluid that crusts over then heals.

The question is: are shingles contagious? Shingles is not contagious but the pathogen that's causing it, is. The zoster pathogen spreads by coming in communication with a person with an active zoster infection. You will not get shingles but you may get chickenpox. This is the reason why a niece of mine got chicken pox instead of shingles. She went near a boy who was suffering a bad case of herpes zoster. The following days, she had chicken pox. Varicella and herpes zoster are a result of this same pathogen, varicella zoster. Anyone who has a prior history of chicken pox before can get shingles, but it is mostly seen in people who are 60 years old or older. A main reason that the pathogen kicks back up again is because of emotional stress, which when prolonged will have a repercussion on the immune response, therefore reactivating a pathogen which has been dormant in the body for a long time resulting with a shingles infection. So if in case you have had chicken pox back when you were still young, then the probabilities of getting shingles when you are older is definite.

Who are most at risk? A lady who is pregnant must avoid at any cost getting shingles. If she has no history of chicken pox, then the pathogen being shed can be passed unto her and her unborn child. Should the expecting mum be exposed to a shingle pathogen, then she could develop chicken pox herself and her baby may be born already having chickenpox. This is a scary thought among mothers. To protect yourself from shingles, one must keep away from those who have shingles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can exposure to chicken pox cause shingles?
    I had chicken pox when I was young so I am unable to get them again, but I know the virus stays with you and can later turn into shingles in some people. What I need to know is if exposure to chicken pox can cause an outbreak of shingles. I have a compromised immune system due to a neurological disease so my chances of getting shingles are increased. I have found information saying that exposure to shingles can cause chicken pox, but I can not find anything saying if it works the other way as well. Any serious info is greatly appreciated!
    Yes, chicken pox and shingles are related. They are from the same disease!

    • ANSWER:
      I had shingles over thanksgiving and I also have a low immune system and chicken pox serverly as a child. The virus hides in your spine until stress and a low immune system cannot fight it off when it inflames. It inflames a nerve, reaches the top of the skin and causes a rash. I suffer from postneualgia or something like that-pain after shingles. I am only 20 also. Shingles is only contagious to people who have not had chicken pox and it is transmitted by air NOT is only air borne when the blisters have opened. Dont let anyone tell you diffrent. I am a med student and have been to three doctors. Chicken pox cannot give you shingles...just later on if you have low immune system and high stress. I know someone is going to say-what 20 yr old has stress that bad. Me- my father passed away after 3 mth battle of cancer at age 49. I was his caretaker in my fist semester in college...dealing with his death and losing my best friend is yes, I have stress...good luck with it. There is NO prevention. I do know that potassium and B Complex help with stress and nerves...take those after consulting your doctor.

    Should I worry about having shingles at this age?
    Im going to the doctor this Friday, I have a trail of blisters developing from the spine on the back of my neck all around the right side of my torso. Feels like a sunburn. My dad says that it looks like shingles but it's rare in younger people...usually middle aged and up are supposed to get them.... I am 22 years old.

    Also I live in the house that my dad used to live in and when he lived here that's when he got is it contagious? Or maybe a virus in my home that is causing this outbreak?

    • ANSWER:
      Shingles are contagious, but are contracted from contact with oozing blisters.

      You could have shingles, even though it's rare.

      Do some reading on the subject if you're diagnosed with shingles. It's my understanding that other auto-immune diseases can follow, such as arthritis. So study up and keep an eye out for symptoms in the future, so you can head off other problems before they do too much damage.

    Does this sound like Shingles?
    I have noticed for the past couple years, (I am 24) every once in a while I would get a bit of pain on one side of my body. It would usually be on my buttocks/thigh (but only one side) I would mainly noticed it when I would sit down on the toilet and the cold seat would cause pain because my butt/thigh was so sensitive. But it was never anything I really thought about because it was never that horrible of pain and never would have any outbreaks of rashes or anything like that. But it was very, very sensitive, like all my nerves were just exposed. I know Shingles is not common in younger people, but I did hear that it can have an outbreak when your immune system is compromised. and stress can lower your immune system. Well, I have HORRIBLE stress at times, to the point where it even raises my blood pressure to a scary high. Well for the past couple weeks I have been extremely stressed. Probably the most stressed I have been in my life. And today, on the left side only of my butt and thigh, I started to feel some pain. Then the sensitivity to the cold toilet seat was unbearable. I also could hardly have the fabric of my pants run against it without wanting to cry. This time, the pain was very bad. It would even go numbish sometimes but then be very painful again very quickly. I started to freak out because I was reading online about herpes and they can occur on the butt and thigh and can be a tingly, painful feeling before breaking out. But thats when I remembered that this has happened to me before for past couple years (just not nearly as intense) and I have never once had any type of rash or outbreak. it is also ONLY on one side. I have only been tested for herpes once, yrs ago and it was negative, but my fiance has probably tested 10 times throughout our relationship. (because he would break out from condoms and would freak out about it) always negative. and he only ever broke out right after the condom was used, within minutes. then it would go away. I have also heard that you can often get the pain from shingles, but never get any outbreaks. Does this in anyway sound like Shingles? The pain in my leg right now hurts so bad.. its like a trail of pain just own my left side.. KILLS. Its all just throbbing.

    • ANSWER:

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