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Do Shingles Leave Scars

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Deliberate Self Harm Scarring Be Gone

Deliberate Self Harm Scarring leaves its mark not only on the skin but also on the sufferers psyche. With rapid developments in dermatology, treating Deliberate Self Harm Scarring is becoming easier. You should consult your dermatologist about the best treatment for your Deliberate Self Harm Scarring. The choice of the treatment of Deliberate Self Harm Scarring will depend upon your medical history as per the type of scar and the kinds of treatments available for that type of scarring. Some treatments for Deliberate Self Harm Scarring are cheaper than others but may not give perfect results. The choice of the treatment of Deliberate Self Harm Scarring therefore also depends upon your budget and the kind of results you desire. Let us look at the kinds of treatments available for Deliberate Self Harm Scarring.

Dermabrasion- this is considered one of the most effective treatments for Deliberate Self Harm Scarring. In this practice the doctor uses a local anesthetic or freezes the skin and then uses a high-speed rotary abrader to remove unwanted surface skin. As the skin heals, it shows a brighter facade. This procedure may also remove superficial scars altogether and reduces deeper scars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does shingles leave scars?
    Ok well i have shingles and im taking medicine so that it doesnt spread any further and i have 3 different types of medicines for the pain and such but my question is does it scar? yesterday was the first day that it really started to blister and i dont touch it and i barely move throughout the day because i dont want to make it worse so is there anything that can help it to not scar or any advice from someone who knows about it or has had it? thanks in advance :)

    • ANSWER:
      Same as advice as for Chicken Pox. Don't scratch or pick the scabs/spots or they could scar. Especially so if you have the shingles on your face.

      Hope you get better soon.

    do shingles outbreak leave scars?
    i have the shingles...does anyone know if they leave scars and what can you put on them to keep them from itching do bad...

    • ANSWER:
      I've had shingles twice. Both times i got a cream that is specific for shingles. Can't remember the name but a good doctor or pharamacist should be able to give it to you. I always use it and I haven't had severe scarring, just a little pigmintation. After a few months its went. Take zinc tablets it will help heal and relieve the itchiness and pain. Good luck. I do know how you feel.

    shingles is healing but scarring?
    Ive had shingles for like a week and its healing now and the area that was infected is now covered with scabs... my dermatologist told me to put vaseline on the scabs so that they dont peel off and leave scars. I do but the scabs are still peeling off and its leaving behind a dark pigmented skin it sux... any advice? mederma?

    • ANSWER:
      Bio oil is suppose to be good for scars. It is sold at drug stores. Eventually they will lighten up. Vaseline is good, also. Keep applying it.

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