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Long Term Effects Of Shingles

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Long Term Effects Of Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis refers to the condition where a person's immune system attacks and eats away the protective layer of the nerves. As a result, the patient's body and his/her brain can no longer communicate effectively. Multiple sclerosis can cause devastation to the nerves themselves and once this occurs, no remedial work can be done. Patients at a later stage will lose the ability to speak and walk.


Depending on the location of the nerves, patients will have different symptoms. Some common signs include numbness in limb(s), loss of vision, double or blurring vision, pain in certain parts of the body, tremor, fatigue, dizziness. Symptoms will worsen when body temperature increases. At the early stage, the patient may experience a period of remission, followed by relapse of symptoms.

Long Term Effects

As multiple sclerosis progresses, the patient will experience an increasing stiffness of muscles. He/she will also experience spasms consistently. The disease will worsen over time, and thus temporary paralysis of the legs will turn into permanent inability to walk. Since the damaged nerves prevent the brain from communicating with the body, the patient will have difficulty controlling his/her urination, bowel movement, and sexual activities. He/she may also have epilepsy. As symptoms worsen and the condition of multiple sclerosis affects the patient's independence, he/she is also likely to develop depression. To help relieve these disturbing symptoms, the doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and medications that will block the attack to the myelin of the nerves. However, these medications all carry certain side effects, including liver damage. To maintain the ability to walk, patients should participate in physical therapy sessions where the therapist will teach them how to stretch and perform strengthening exercise. The therapist will also introduce the patients to simple tools and techniques that can help them complete daily tasks independently.

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