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How to Permanently Disable GM PassLock System


The following instructions will allow you to disable the PassLock security in quite a few GM Vehicles.

aThis will allow you to install a remote starter and not have to purchase a bypass.

aAvoid Costly repairs for an already broken PassLock System.

aDisable Pass Lock system to prevent from being stranded in the future.


A digital ohm meter (optional)

T25 Screw Driver (optional)

Alligator Clips (optional)

Screw driver or other tools for removing interior panels

1/4" Drive 7mm or 9/32 socket and socket driver


This tutorial varies depending if the ignition is located:

If your ignition is located in the dash then you will be removing the panels on the passenger underside (toe board) of the dash. The BCM (Body Control Module) is there and so are the wires we need to get too.

If you ignition is located in the steering column then you will be removing the driver side kick panels of the dash AND the clam shell around the ignition held in with torx screws.

For Cavalier and Sunfire Owners you ONLY have to remove the clam shell around the ignition that's held in with 3 bolts.

Depending on the vehicle we will be looking for 3 wires bundled their colours are

(Group1)Red/White Yellow Black
(Group 2)Red/White Yellow Orange/Black

1.Remove the appropriate dash panels to get to the wire harness.

2.Locate the Pass Lock 2 Wires, they will be coming out of the ignition OR on the BCM they will be located in the grey connector, Pin A6 is your yellow wire, and pin B6 will be a black wire(they should be right beside each other).

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