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Earache - Swimmers Ear - Ear Infection - The Simple Facts And The Cures

What is Earache - Swimmers Ear - Ear Infection: Otitis externa (also called swimmer's ear or ear ache) is an inflammation, irritation, or infection of the outer ear and ear canal.

What causes Earache - Swimmers Ear - Ear Infection: Earache and ear infections are common, especially among teenagers and young adults. Swimming in polluted water is one way to contract swimmer's ear, but it is also possible to contract swimmer's ear by swimming in a pool that is well maintained. Swimming is not the only cause, however the condition can be caused by scratching the ear or an object stuck in it. Trying to clean wax from the ear canal, especially with cotton swabs or small objects, can irritate or damage the skin. One time when I was married, my wife accidently sprayed water in one of her ears with the shower nozzel, in a day or two later she had a very bad ear infection. Middle ear infections can occur after the ear drum is perforated by a fungal growth from the outer ear. Moisture in the ear can rapidly lead to a bad ear infection from fungus or bacteria, resulting in severe pain.

Earache - Swimmers Ear - Ear Infection - Symptoms: Ear pain that can be very severe at times, and may hurt much more when pulling the outer ear. Itching of the ear and ear canal. The ear may drain, and the drainage may be yellowish colored, often it's pus-like, and stinky. You may experience decreased hearing or complete ear loss while the infection is present.

Earache - Swimmers Ear - Ear Infection Treatment: The ear canal should be cleaned of drainage to allow topical medications to work effectively. Depending on how severe the infection is, it may be necessary for a doctor to aspirate the ear as many times as twice a week for the first two or three weeks of treatment. Effective medications include eardrops containing antibiotics to fight infection, and corticosteroids to reduce itching and inflammation. Use of antibiotics to treat ear infections may result in treatment of the wrong cause of the infection because not all ear infections are bacterial; some are fungal, and it is possible to have both a bacterial and fungal ear infection. Ear drops should be used abundantly (four or five drops at a time) in order to penetrate the end of the ear canal. If the ear canal is very swollen, a wick may be placed in the ear to allow the drops to travel to the end of the canal. Occasionally, pills may be used in addition to the topical medications. Analgesics may be used if pain is severe.

Earache - Swimmers Ear - Ear Infection - Prevention: Do not scratch the ears or insert cotton swabs or other objects in the ears. Keep ears clean and dry, and wear earplugs when swimming or showering, so you do not let water enter the ears. If the ear canal does get wet, try to dry it thoroughly after exposure to moisture, and avoid swimming in dirty water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What can cause an infection without having any wounds?
    I got over a potentially fatal infection on my outer ear (the shell) that sprung up in the course of a day (My ear got warm, turned red at 11am, turned purple, then grew mold-like blisters by 6pm) I developed a high fever and starting having severe joint pains and weakness--flu like symptoms. I was in the hospital for 4 nights and 5 days with constant anti-biotics. The skin on my ear hurt so bad that being touched by even my own hair, or a faint breeze caused excruciating pain.

    The doctors said it might have been shingles, or a strep infection. But they couldn't say for sure.
    I had NO ear piercings at the time, NO cuts, and I didn't have a normal ear infection beforehand.

    Anyone have any idea what could have caused it?
    Wow! Thank you both for your detailed answers! I donno who to pick as best, since they seem as if, together, they make the best answer to my question. You're both the best!

    • ANSWER:
      You could have had congestion in your head from a virus or allergies that festered and grew into a breeding ground for a fungus or bacteria.

      Edit: The outer ear is still inside. You are referring to the "pinna" or earlobes. That could be caused by a simple scrape or something under the epidermis. Microrganisms can get in from things not visible to the human eye. You must have came in contact with something really nasty. Glad you survived. That sounds really scary!

    shingles rash /or not/please read helpless mum of twins?
    hi i was ill on the 2nd of may with fever ,muscle aches and couldn't move never been so ill my kids at the time had chicken pox i recovered in a week from main symptoms but then started to feel unwell with chest infection which cleared after 4 weeks then i started to get face numbness and headaches with ear and eye pain which turned into so say a very nasty ear infection,,,,,my question is i believe i may have had shingles that has developed into phn of the nervous system,i was admitted to hospital the other day as i went very dizzy and fell over and the doc said it looks like my ear drum had perforated at some Point and is all crusted over where it is healing could this of been the shingles rah inside my ear?i am having an mri friday to rule anything serious out and this morning i am demanding a blood test for shingles from the docs...after reading what are your thoughts please help xxx
    there is a blood test hun look on the web here is the link and my doctor doing one for me

    • ANSWER:
      There is no blood test for shingles.
      And it doesn't sound like shingles at all.
      It sounds as if you have a very nasty inner ear infection which would give you all of these symptoms.

      Shingles presents AFTER you have ALREADY HAD chicken pox.
      They present as a very painful looking blisters.
      To touch the blisters sends you through the roof.
      They ache when not touched.
      You may also have a slight fever.

      Shingles is contagious.

      I had shingles not that long ago.

      EDIT: well there you go. You learn something new every day.
      That don't offer a blood test here in Australia. They just go on your symptoms. My appologies.

    pain on outside of ear?
    yesterday i woke up with very sharp pain on the outside of my ear. It was like nerve pain , not an ear infection. the pain was so sever. I went to the docs and my ear canal was fine. She said it could be the stat of Shingles. I have no rash. She gave me pain meds to sleep . Last night I woke with the same intense pain, took some advil because the pain meds were making me sick. This morning my ear fills full with some archness. Has this happened to anyone? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I would go back to that doctor for more tests - did they take any x-rays

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