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Shingles Genital Herpes Difference

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Genital Herpes | Symptoms and Herbal Treatment for Genital herpes

Genital herpes symptoms in women are an unfortunate fact of life in our society today. Men too are infected, but more so women; 1 out of 5 women in the 14-49 age group and 1 out of 9 men according to the Center For Disease Control. This article will discuss the causes, symptoms, and cure for genital herpes.

Symptoms of Genital Herpes:

Medical science shows it is a tiny particle, a virus, that is but one member of a large herpes "society". Chicken pox and shingles are normal afflictions caused by the herpes viruses. The one producing genital herpes is much like (at times identical) to the virus causing the common cold sores most people get on their lips. But when herpes affect the genitals, the sufferer has frequently (but not always) contracted the virus in a unique way: by sexually intimate contact with another infected herpes victim.

Three to seven days after exposure to herpes, the infected one notices a fiery or tingling experience in the genital area; the herald of painful,, fluid-filled lesions. The sores produce their torment for two to six weeks before clearing up. But herpes don't just go away. Doctors make clear it simply beats a retreat, through the nerve pathways, to nerve clusters at the bottom of the spine. There it remains dormant until something (such as stress) precipitates a reactivation of the virus. Awakened, it travels the nerve pathways back to the skin and begins the misery cycle yet another time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the difference between genital shingles and herpes? and how can you tell the diference ?
    from what i can find shingles and herpes seem to be identical ? the only difference i can find is that herpes is transmitted sexually and shingles comes from chicknpox. but i cant find a way to tell genital shingles from herpes ?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi! Genital shingles and genital herpes just come from different strains of the herpes virus.

      Chicken pox is the herpes zoster virus and once you have the infection it remains dormant in your body...usually attaching itself to nerve can return in the form of shingles and it causes an outbreak of painful blisters that runs along the nerve...this is what makes it so painful and tingly. So it is possible for the outbreak to occur anywhere you have nerves...basically anywhere on your body. If you have an outbreak in the genital area it will be diagnosed as genital shingles. It is not sexual transmitted.

      Genital herpes is the herpes simplex type2 is contagious in the blister and crusting over phase and is incurable. It lies dormant in the system and outbreaks can and often do would get Zovirax treatment from your doctor or GUM clinic to make recurring outbreaks less painful and ferocious.

      Herpes simplex type1 is the cold sore virus...which also recurs.

      Hope this helps! :-)

    How do you know difference between Genital herpes and Shingles?
    Okay,I am 22 and after a night of just being DUMB & not thinking I slept with this WHORE of a WHORE!
    Woke up like 2 days later with sores on my "Genitals Area"

    They looked like Puss filled Pimples,there was an area of "blackheads" looking things on the shaft as well. &&& RED SPOTS that seemed 2 go from my pubic line area 2 my lower belly.

    I had pain in back of my legs,fever/headaches from time 2 time.

    My mom said it looked like syphillis bc she knew people that had the "RED BUMPS going upwards",but I got tested and said I am Positive 4 Herpes Virus..


    Is this really HERPES or is it possible I been mis-diagnosed???

    Like for syphillis or shingles??

    *** I also received 2 Penicillin shots that day I got tested & everything cleared up in about week.

    ANYONE that has any light 2 shed on this would be Deeply Appreciated.

    Whats really SCREWED UP is this whore had 2 know she had it.
    But GOD doesnt like UGLY & she will get hers.

    "May GOD have mercy on them,bc I may not have any if I see them 1st"

    GOD Bless

    • ANSWER:
      It certainly sounds like you have herpes. Blackheads are not a symptom of it though. You would feel ill with the first attack of herpes; it commonly is most severe and causes 'flu like' symptoms with the initial attack. If you had shingles you wouldn't so much feel achy, but you would have a severe pain where the shingles are; it is described by some as debilitating. It is good you got tested for other std's.
      The treatment for both herpes and shingles is the same; and antiviral (Acyclovir), so it wouldn't matter if you were misdiagnosed, as far as treatment is concerned. As you have tested positive for herpes, you will need to abstain from sex completely (both oral and regular) while the scabs/sores are present. You will need to use condoms from now on (especially when you feel a tingle which suggests a further attack).
      Be glad that herpes is all you got!!

    shingles - eye danger to others?
    My wife currently has shingles. I know this is herpes-zoster (the chicken pox virus) and that the general answer about being contagious is that someone with shingles can give someone chicken pox, if that someone has not had the chicken pox yet, but that someone with shingles can not give another person shingles.

    My question is very specific to the risk of eye problems though, and I think it may be outside this 'general' answer... I know shingles in the area of the eye can cause serious complications.

    1. can a person with shingles on one part of the body, touch the infected area while its still active, then rub their eye and infect their own eye?

    2. assuming answer to number 1 is yes, I assume then that another person could touch an infected person's shingles, then their own eyes and infect their eyes? Speaking specifically about 2 people that have already had chicken pox here.

    obviously I'm wondering if rubbing this stuff into the eye area is a 'special' case as far as spreading to yourself, or others, because of the tissue difference in and around the eye. For example, I had previously learned that the very similiar HSV1 virus (another herpes virus, genital) can be spread to your own, and other's eyes, and cause major problems.

    • ANSWER:

      To answer your question and points,

      You initial points on infection are correct-infected person with shingles cannot give another person shingles, but CAN give uninfected/unvaccinated person chicken pox.

      For 1: Shingles is only a reactivation of the virus in infected ganglia. Since you have antibodies to chicken pox in the other areas, you cannot transmit shingles to another section of the same person's body. Shingles appears in a pattern on the body according to dermatomes, which correspond to the infected ganglia. You may notice is only appears on one side of the body or one region/strip on the chest due to this. So, the answer is no.

      Just for the point of 2: The eyes are not unique in immune function per say, though I wouldn't recommend touching your eyes after touching a patient with shingles anyway, the papules can contain other bacteria due to them being inflamed/scratched.

      Extra note: If the person with shingles does have it in their eye (A cranial nerve shingles reactivation, it can cause blindness). It does NOT work the same way with infectivity as HSV1 though.

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