Shingles In The Mouth And Throat

It is unlikely that a healthy adult will suffer from a mouth or throat yeast infection without another weakening condition being present but it can happen. Such conditions may be chemotherapy, a course of antibiotics for something else, or an immune deficiency due to a disease like AIDS.There is a natural balance of bacterial flora in all places in the body, including the throat, which would usually keep Candida Albicans micro-organisms at an acceptable level. The overgrowth of candida in the throat is the cause of yeast infection, as in most cases of the condition.

There may be white spots on the inside of the mouth and in the throat. Other symptoms are swelling and redness. A person may also feel tired, sick, or have a fever due to a throat yeast infection. It is more common in babies where the mouth can become infected due to the accumulation of fungus and then it can spread. Diagnosing the condition is usually straight forward and involves an inspection of the throat. Other conditions, like strep throat, may show very similar signs. A scraping may be taken by the doctor for analysis to be certain of the diagnosis.

A yeast infection of the throat can be very difficult to deal with and it may be nexessary to seek medical advice. One home remedy, which is a great help is apple cider vinegar. A few times a day, it can be mixed up with some water and gargled and will kill off Candida. You can also eat a salad with apple cider vinegar or add it to some drinks. Another good idea is to eat some yogurt each day, which will aid to bring back the balance of throat bacteria. Eat one with no added sugar. Prescription drugs and acidophilus capsules can also be used to fight off the yeast. Yeast infection in infants commonly disappears in less than 4 days quite easily.

If you are a nursing mother, an oral yeast infection in your baby can be cause for concern. The nipple can develop a yeast infection. If the nipple becomes infected, the signs are tenderness and flaky skin around the area as well as pain while nursing.

shingles in the mouth and throat

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