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Shingles In The Mouth And Throat

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More Information About The Shingles Virus

Also known as herpes zoster, shingles is an infection of the nervous system. It begins as a painful rash and can develop to be a distressing condition as it spreads in the body. Blisters can also be formed in the body. This is caused by the virus which also caused chicken pox in a person. Once the virus is reactivated, it shows as shingles.

Shingles is a condition which can be passed to people who haven't had chickenpox yet. However, people who will catch the virus will not get shingles. Instead, they will only develop chickenpox. If you come in contact with a person whose shingles are already showing as wounds with scabs, then you can catch the virus and have it as chickenpox. You will only develop shingles when the virus becomes dormant and then reactivate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what skin problems have the same symptoms as shingles?
    person is female age 49 years old ,had chickenpox as a child, has like symptom now ,mostly on right side of face and ulcers in mouth and throat. has at times severe itching over her body with stinging where bumps are present- no fever.has been to two doctor ,one says she may have shingles the other says no.

    • ANSWER:

    My tongue is coated with white, and i have little bumps on the back of my throat and on top of my mouth?
    i had unprotected sex may7th 2006, i think i got herpes, and somehow i ended up this past december with a blister in my neck, then after that some how i had shingles, and during that period my tongue got really white with bumbs. well a week ago i got test for hiv, and yesterday i got the results, i came negative, the doctor said i dont have hiv, so whats wrong with my tongue, if it was herpes its been more than 4 weeks, since i got the tongue coated with white. today i am going to go get my results for diabities, but i was wondering what can possibly have gone wrong with my tongue, i havevent been takeing antibiotics either. i need help, please dont make jokes or stuff, i am really stressed out, i havent been sleeping the last past two weeks well, only like an hr or two per day.

    • ANSWER:
      Candidis can cause a white tongue - too much yeast in your body - NOT the same as a yeast infection... try cutting back on sugars (fruits and breads included).... If you're worried about herpes, talk to you doctor and get tested for all STD's, not just HIV.

    Blister on back of throat - it's not strep - any ideas?
    I woke up yesterday and my right ear was hurting. I realized an hour or so later that my throat hurt on the same side when I swallowed. I looked at my throat and found what looked like a large blister, and had my husband look and tell me what he saw - he said "you mean that huge blister back there?"

    Today when I shampooed my hair, I noticed pain along certain nerve paths on my scalp, face and around my ear - all on the right side. I've had this once before but it didn't cause pain on my scalp - only the ear and throat. I have a history of shingles (3 occasions) and am curious if anyone else has ever heard of zoster in the mouth or throat.

    I'm perfectly healthy otherwise, just a little run-down. I work with a bunch of docs so I'll ask one on Tuesday, I'm just kind of curious.
    I'm quite sure it's not a sexually transmitted infection - the other time I experienced this was years before I met my husband, and I had been sexually abstinent for many, many years at the time. It occurred during a time when I was extremely run down and fatigued...which is why I'm curious about shingles.

    • ANSWER:
      It could be related to shingles as it is on the right side and along the nerve endings. It does tend to activate if you get a bit run down.
      See your GP about the blister in your throat and step up your fluid and vitamin intake. Get as much rest as you can.

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